What we do

BAC-IN provides culturally sensitive support to enable you to achieve freedom from addiction and to make the best of your life potential.  

Our approach
The underpinning principles of our approach to transformative recovery and rehabilitation are:

• Culturally specific
• Peer led
• Recovery focused
• Abstinence based
• Faith-centred
• Community inspired

Our vision
To enable you to achieve sustainable recovery, make responsible lifestyle changes and build positive relationships.

Our mission
To provide culturally sensitive, recovery focused drug & alcohol support services to meet the needs of vulnerable individuals, families and young adults from Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic communities.

Our ethos
BAC-IN is a grass roots service that offers innovative solutions inspired by lived experience, positive impact of transformative recovery and shared voices of the under-served/seldom engaged BAME communities. 

Our dedicated staff and volunteers (former service users) are deeply committed to making a difference in transforming lives of individuals and their families. Service users (we prefer to call ‘friends of BAC-IN’) are at the heart of BAC IN’s philosophy, service design, client engagement through to planning & decision making. Naturally therefore, we are deeply committed to service user involvement, consultation & participation.
BAC-IN is an expression of the community an ‘energy of change’ inspired by the communities.