BAC-IN's mission statement

BAC-IN Mission is to support service users to overcome obstacles that can prevent them from recovering. BAC-IN will offer every service user a transformative recovery programme which can enable them to reach their full potential and achieve a lasting recovery.

BAC-IN's Ethos

Most of BAC-IN staff are former service users and are deeply committed to service user involvement and participation.
As a peer lead service we are ourselves living embodiments of what service users can achieve, we understand the recovery journey and recognise the cultural complexities faced by most BME communities.

BAC-IN's Values
BAC-IN's shared values are rooted in the principles of Peer Led approach, transformative recovery, expert patient experience, respect for human dignity, cultural empathy and confidentiality.

Most service users who access  BAC-IN recovery program have come from a variety of disadvantaged backgrounds, where their self esteem and interpersonal relationships  have often been adversely impacted.

BAC-IN supports all those who are searching for a quality of life, a life that can be enriched with natural well-being, improved relationships and a deeper connection to authentic power within.

BAC-IN empowers all service users to develop personal qualities and values that are beneficial for lasting recovery from addiction such as personal responsibility, honesty, willingness to change and openness to apply co-creative solutions in the pursuit of personal growth.