BAC-IN Mission

BAC-IN Mission is to provide culturally sensitive drug & alcohol support services that are recovery focused, effective and appropriate to meet the needs of vulnerable BME adults seeking help.

Since 2003, BAC-IN have been delivering a unique “Transformative Recovery” programme enabling service users to achieve sustainable recovery, build positive relationships and make responsible lifestyle changes.

BAC-IN's Ethos­
BAC-IN is a grass roots service that offers innovative solutions inspired by lived experience and shared voices of the under-served/seldom engaged BME communities.

All BAC-IN staff are former service users and now trained, skilled and qualified recovery specialists deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals, families and under-represented communities.

BAC-IN core Values
• Respect for human dignity
• Empathy, Compassion & Care
• Proactive engagement
• Energy of change inspired by communities

“Recovery - a noble journey, a gift of life, a gate way to abstinence and beyond, a connecting bridge to the authentic power within”. Sunray