Project Ahryzen (2017-2019) - Creating new beginnings
The word Ahryzen (horizon) is derived from a concept of the following key elements Ah’  the primordial sound connected to the human heart and the law of manifesting, the word ‘ryz’ (rise) to move from low to high.  The word ‘Zen’ describes a meditative state, to see or to observe.
Ahryzen describes a path of self-discovery, a journey of awakening from the struggle of addiction to creating new beginnings through the application of transformative recovery.

BAC-IN and Lankelly Chase worked together for over a year to establish a shared vision for a longer-term partnership. In April 2017 BAC-IN was awarded a two year grant by Lankelly Chase to deliver ground-breaking Project Ahryzen in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University to establish a ‘new paradigm’ for services for BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) people facing multiple disadvantage at an individual, family and community level in Nottingham. 

Why we are doing this
BAC-IN was created in 2003 as a small culturally specific user-led self-help support group in response to an ‘unmet need’ within the local support services. We have always provided for a set of BAME experiences and perspectives which are poorly catered for in ‘mainstream’ service provision.

To bring lasting solutions Project Ahryzen aims to explore through the authentic voice of lived experience the lives of BAC-IN peers, hidden experiences of disadvantage and the development of a successful model for supporting BAME communities facing multiple disadvantage.

Services we provide

Project Ahryzen supports individuals and families struggling with drug and alcohol misuse and related multiple disadvantage in terms of homelessness, offending, domestic violence, poverty, unemployment and mental health issues.  We understand, we’ve been here too and have helped to transform many lives.  We are here to help you through 1:1 support, as a family or in a group to address the experience of multiple disadvantage. We can:

  • Help you to become drug and alcohol free
  • Support families to understand and contribute to the recovery of their loved ones
  • Engage, support and empower communities towards getting your voices heard and influence system change

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Our overall aim
Project Ahryzen intends to impact policy, decision making and commissioning for culturally specific peer led options in healthcare delivery of structured psychosocial interventions for BAME communities.  In partnership with Lankelly Chase and supported by Sheffield Hallam University, this project will look at the individual experiences to recovery to create a model which can work elsewhere.

Project Ahryzen action research
Sheffield Hallam University - Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) is working alongside BAC-IN & Lankelly Chase to examine the primary learning aims of:

  • Exploring the lives of BAC-IN peers and hidden experiences of disadvantage

Our sense is that the experiences of BAC-IN peers are rarely voiced or amplified and that there may be some fundamental differences with other life trajectories – whether due to culture, background, values, faith or other themes – which mean these experiences are poorly understood.  We would therefore like to learn in-depth about the lives and experiences of BAC-IN’s network of friends and peers. Provisional lines of enquiry include:

  • Experiences of disadvantage, including the impact of cultural identity
  • Experiences of seeking and accessing support services in both ‘specialist’ and ‘mainstream’ settings
  • Pathways into ‘recovery’ and conceptions of a rewarding life


2. Developing and learning about elements of a successful model for supporting BAME communities facing multiple disadvantage
This work begins with an examination of BAC-IN’s key activities and theory of change and to present an understanding of what impact BAC-IN have. CRESR is working alongside BAC-IN and Lankelly Chase to understand, develop and communicate their model through a collective learning. The aim is not to only question and identify whether BAC-IN’s approach ‘works’, but especially why and how, addressing both strengths and challenges.
Provisional lines of enquiry include: 

  • The impact and importance of BAC-IN’s ‘peer-led’ approach
  • The role(s) of culture, faith and spirituality in supporting BAC-IN’s friends and peers
  • The role of specialist services in the context of a generic/mainstream system

BAC-IN Partners
Lankelly Chase is a charitable foundation seeking to bring about change that will transform the quality of life of people who face severe and multiple disadvantage. We commission, co-design and grant fund a variety of practice, policy and research programmes which help us in this mission and help to tell us how change really happens for people living difficult lives at the margins of society.

Sheffield Hallam University - Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) is a leading UK policy research centre, which seeks to understand the impact of social and economic disadvantage on places and people, and assess critically the policies and interventions targeted at these issues.

Project Ahryzen steering group

Project Ahryzen steering group